Thursday, 23 March 2017

A birthday card with a flower

This is an 80th birthday card that I was asked to make for a customer. I've tried out a new style, with 'doors' that are kept closed with ribbon tied. Inside there's a pocket with a tag for the sentiment etc. 

I've used a dried flower to decorate the front, brads to hold the ribbon, acrylic pearls and a cameo to decorate the front. Inside I've mainly used stickers and the tag.

I'll be back on Saturday.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Photos from my phone.

Just a quick one today as I'm in the middle of Mother's Day making, so here's a few photos from my phone.

- the Three Graces on Liverpool's waterfront bathed in today's sunshine.
- two photos of goodies from The Works
- a painting called Peonies by Perugini
- Chinese headdresses followed by broken China found in a dock in Liverpool displayed at the Museum of Liverpool
- our two cats
- a painted background I created.

I'll be back on Thursday.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

#Our52weekproject - week 11


This week I've been sampling couching - the art of attaching surface threads etc to fabric with stitches at regular intervals.

By box of fancy threads. It would be very hard to actually stitch with these threads, but couching them onto the top of the fabric means they can be used in an embroidery project.

I've used a fine thread and a simple straight stitch to attach this pink and white fibre.

For this sample I've used three strands of a different pink fibre and used a contrasting embroidery thread to attach it to the fabric. I used the same straight stitch as the last one, but I've alternated how many of the three threads the stitch covers.

I've used buttonhole stitch for this one.

Here I laid down two rows of single chain stitches so that when the thread is woven through the chains it holds down the silk fibres in a zig zag pattern.

Again, this sample just uses a simple straight stitch to hold the fibre down, but it shows how the fibres can be wiggled about the fabric to form any kind of pattern you like'

This sample shows you can use all sorts of sizes that can be couched. This one is a hand-dyed silk rod and I've used alternate cross ans straight stitches to attach it to the fabric.

Apart from using ric rac, it's a while since I did any couching and used any of my fancy fibres. This week's circle will be a good reminder of what I have and how they can be used.

I'll be back on Tuesday.


Friday, 17 March 2017

A white wip*

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who are celebrating and don't imbibe too much in the black stuff!

I've been doing a bit more work on this white piece in between other projects, so it's moved on a bit since you last saw it. I've added a patch of white on white spotty fabric on the top left that's really just there as an excuse for me to decorate a couple of seams!

At the bottom right corner of the central lace piece I've added a little pocket. It's just attached with stab stitches at the moment, but I may add some more embellishment to go with the suffolk puffs and french knots on the top of the pocket.

I've permanently attached the long piece of broderie anglais by stitching on shell knibs and beads, and I'm in the process of using bullion loops to tack down the bottom side of the broderie anglais.

Once the remainder of the bullion loops are done, I'll be adding a few white sequins that I've just ordered especially for this piece (I have loads of different colours of sequins, but no white ones for some reason!). There's still planety to be done in this piece as yet, so it's going to be a while before you see the finished article (probably a pillow, but I'm not entirely sure yet).

I'll be back on Sunday with this week's #our52weekproject installment.


*wip - work in progress

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Victorian Treasures - an exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery

On Monday we went to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool to see their Victorian Treasures exhibition. All of the paintings in the exhibition belong to the National Museums Liverpool, but some aren't usually hung at the Walker, but at the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

One of the delights of this exhibition is that you can get really close to the paintings, so you can see the brushstrokes and the way the colours have been blended etc. 

Below are some of the photos I took of the paintings. 

The exhibition is on until 7th May, so if you find yourself in Liverpool, it's well worth the visit.

I'll be back on Friday.