Friday, 3 June 2016

Book inspired doodling

I bought this book secondhand from Amazon earlier in the year after seeing it on a friend's Instagram. It's full of fabulous images off wedding dresses and accompanying paraphernalia and interesting facts about weddings through the three centuries covered by the book. 

It was the wedding dress on the front cover that attracted me, with its rouleau loop leaves and stuffed silk berries and I wanted to recreate that in some way. However, I've not done anything about that yet, but I have been using some of the images to create some doodles that I can translate into embroidery patterns or to doodle on fabric with in the future.

Here's what I've done, so far, with the image from the book first.

Now, I know my doodles aren't perfect and they might change hugely before they ended up on fabric in anyway. But I find that a collection of doodles, and any other type of sample, are fantastic to look through when you're looking for some inspiration. 

I still doodle straight onto the page, when I have an idea. I find it's always best to get these things down on paper before they disappear!

I'd highly recommend, if you don't already have one, having a little notebook to doodle in. Even if you don't use them for anything, they could still spark an idea for something else.

I'll be back on Sunday.


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