Sunday, 5 June 2016

Pick a stick challenge - May 2016

I found out about the pick a stick challenge via one of the ladies I follow on YouTube. Each month, one of the four ladies who run the group on Facebook chooses ten sticks from her bucket of sticks. Each stick in the bucket has a prompt/journaling idea written on it (the same collection of sticks is used each month to draw from).

Then all you need to do is create a journal page by following each of the prompts in the order they were picked! That's the really tricky bit! For example, one of this month's prompts is to add glitter, something you'd normally do near the completion of a page, here's it's prompt no. 5.

Here's May's challenge.

Here's my page, stage by stage.

A torn image
Add a piece of ephemera - this is half of a museum ticket
Add a crossword
Use a non-tool. I used the cork to spread ochre paint across the page.
Add glitter - I've put it over the top of the paint
There's two stages here - I've added washi tape along the right edge and the bottom ledge and added a piece of scrapbook paper that's of a french newspaper.
This is where I put the tree in when the fabric (see below for the fabric) should have been first. It's a medieval tree of knowledge.
Hopefully the title written on the fabric helps to bring the page together.
Adding the black pen - I fumbled the tree of knowledge label unfortunately!
It's not a bad page, but it's not that good either. Hopefully, I'll do better with June's challenge.
I'll be back on Tuesday.


P.S. This is the link for the group's page on Facebook


  1. That's great, thank you for showing. I have always wanted to do this sort of thing but never knew how to start.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie. There's lots of videos on YouTube about journaling. Like with most things, the more you do the better your pages become and your style emerged. You just need some paper, images etc (from magazines, junk mail anything really) and some glue or tape and just start sticking sttuff into the page. It won't be long before you have a stash of part, ephemera, tape, glue etc and look at your junk mail as possible materials rather than putting it straight into the recycling bin��

  2. You did a great job with a difficult challenge. Tfs.