Monday, 13 June 2016

Creating my own patterned fabric

As well as making snippet cloth, I've also been drawing on fabric with permanent pens, which means I can damp-stretch or wash items where I've used this fabric. I've drawn to different flower patterns that could be used together or individually. I've not covered all of the fabric (it's high count Egyptian cotton) so I'm going to fill it with both of these designs. I'll be using it, cut up, in a variety of projects in the future.

Apologies for the crinkled linen! I've drawn a larger pattern on the green linen (it's half of a vintage napkin), which I'm going to use either as a whole piece, or perhaps cut in two. I'm going to embroider on this, using the patterns drawn on the fabric. I won't be covering the drawn design, as this piece was meant to have both drawn and embroidered in view when finished. That is why I used the different coloured pens, rather than drawing a design on the fabric in black that would be covered up, such as the example below.


I'll be back again on Wednesday.



  1. you are creating some very pretty and effective patterns here Louise.....Have a Gold star!!

  2. oo! Lovely!
    Fab idea and wonderful patterns xxx