Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Two birthday cards

The background for this card is an image of an art deco Chinese carpet. The image with the red-cheeked lady is of a bridge tally card that has been decorated with pieces of lace, beads, sequins and french knots.

The background on this second card is made from a piece of wallpaper. The image of the lady is, again, from a bridge tally card. I've added some art deco flowers to the wallpaper, which came from an image of 1930s fabric, with the addition of liquid pearl in the centre of each one. The lady is decorated with thread and beads.

The top card was a commission, but I made the bottom card for my sister's birthday.

I've created an album of photos of greeting cards I've made on the Elsie May and Bertha Facebook page so can see the variety of the cards I've made in the past. I take commission orders for greetings cards (birthday, wedding, Christmas etc) and prices range from £2.95 - £15.00, depending on size and composition. You can email me at if you'd like more information.

I'll be back on Friday.


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