Sunday, 27 April 2014

Oops, I did it again!

Apologies again, for another long gap between posts. I must do better

I've mainly been concentrating on  my Simply Stitch 4 work, though I have managed to finish the gilet I started over two years ago! I've also been adding a couple new things to my Crafty Magpie and Folksy Elsie May and Bertha shops.

I damp stretched my lace sample. Damp stretching allows you to smooth out your piece of fabric without ironing, which would flatten any embroidery. You pin the piece you want to damp stretch to a cork board, making sure you stretch it out evenly. Then you spray it with water and allow it to dry.

Here it is.

My swaddling piece has also been damp stretched. The sides need tidying up, and then it'll be mounted into my musings journal.

This is a page from my Musing journal, it uses some of the techniques that Karen has been teaching us. Including the use of tracing paper, hiding your message by using partial letters and continuing the blue transfer theme.

Using the techniques etc I'm learning in Simply Stitch, I'm going to create a cloth for our 25th wedding anniversary.The cloth will be made up of different sections that will include details of our wedding, material from my wedding dress and other bits of pieces.

This is the first section that I've completed and damp stretched.

I'm also creating a journal to go with the anniversary cloth. There'll be more on this in future posts.