Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A design sheet from the initial inspiration to the finished sheet.

This sheet started with photos that I'd taken of a repaired sandstone wall and a gilded gate at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. I chose them because of the colours and wavy lines in the sandstone and the bright, hard gold in the gate. To create the sheet I used wallpaper, doodled on paper, photos, fabric, beads and dried leaves.

I'm using the sheet to create smaller sheets just featuring a few of the elements from the sheet and using these to create surface samples, then embellishment samples, all leading to the creation of a design of a finished product. I may make the finished product or just make a sample of a section of it.

I'm hoping to create series of design sheets from this original sheet and I may also repeat the process with a new one. The idea is to create a library of information that I can go to for inspiration in the future.

Unfortunately, my time at the moment is spent on making things for Christmas, to sell, for orders and for friends and family, so the work I want to do with this design sheet will have to wait until I have more time. It's also why it's been a while since I last posted.


Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Home Sweet Home mini quilt.

This quilt is my favourite one of those I've made so far, the two embroidered patches probably have something to do with that. The theme was Home Sweet Home and I first thought I'd have appliqued houses on the quilt, but then I rediscovered an embroidery pattern featuring a house that I'd seen on Pinterest (someone else had posted their version of the embroidery on Instagram) so I decided to add the home element through embroidery panels. 

That first embroidery is the one you can see in the last photo above. The other embroidery I just designed as I went. The saying on the two patches on the top and bottom rows are written in permanent pen, so if the quilt ever needs to be washed it won't run.

The blue and red fabrics were all from my stash, as was the blue checked bias binding.

Both of the photos showing the full front and back of the quilt haven't been taken directly overhead so they're a bit wonky, apologies.

I also made this  house-shaped  lavender sachet to go with the quilt.

More next time.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

A matching brooch

Last time I showed you the cuff that I'd made my Mum for her birthday, these photos are of the matching brooch. I used the same pink striped fabric and another scrap from the same embroidered vintage linen and I added a mixture of vintage crochet and buttons, with a tatted flower, along with a rose charm. I embroidered the brooch using running stitch, a couple of web stitches and lots of french knots! 

The final photo shows the brooch pinned to the vintage kimono jacket, which we also gave to my Mum for her birthday.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

A fabric wrist cuff

I made this wrist cuff for my Mum for birthday. It's made from a base of a piece of cotton napkin that had a mixture of fabrics, lace, crochet, beads, buttons, scraps from vintage mats and a piece of crystal from a damaged necklace. Along with these embellishments , I added french knots. buttonhole lace and running stitch. The cuff is fastened using a loop of ribbon and a fabric covered button.

I made a brooch to go with this cuff, which I'll also share with you soon.