Sunday, 28 February 2021

#52tagshannemade weeks 7 and 8

Week 7' s theme was hexies from circles.  I'm hopeless at origami,  so it took me ages to get three presentable hexies to stitch on my tag! The background was easy, a base of linen  with the addition of gingham and 3 pieces of lace. The hexies remade from vintage bedding fabric and they're held in place with mother of pearl buttons. It's all mounted on a Tracy Fox tag.

Week 8's them was french knots, bullion loops and pistil stitches. Of course, I decided to use really fine perle thread so all of my stitches are tiny and I had to enlarge the  images so you can actually see the!

I'm all caught up with this tag project now and I'm looking forward to having a go at week 9's tag.


Tuesday, 23 February 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 16 - 22

This wraparound bracelet  was actually started on day 14 and I finished it on day 21. 

I began with a long strip cut from a cotton napkin that had the edge detail at either end. I used these end pieces to attache the press-studs to for fasting the bracelet. 

I started the decoration of the bracelet by added small pieces of fabric and lace along the strip and backed it with another napkin edge (you can see an image of it at the end of this process in my last post). 

I then worked my way along the strip added beads more lace and fabric scraps and lots of french knots until the entire piece was covered.

For day 22 I created another button.

I covered an old button with white cotton and wadding for the base of the button. I used another piece of cotton to create the top that I decorated with small pieces of fabric cut from tiny fabric scraps. Each piece is held down with a bead, but some of them are also on bead 'pillars' of varying heights, lifting some pieces of fabric above others. 

My next post will be about weeks 7 and 8 of the #52tagshannemade challenge.



Wednesday, 17 February 2021

#100dayproject2021 - days 9 - 15


Day 9 - a little brooch. Two scraps of patterned fabric appliqued onto a piece of linen still with it's selvedge on one side. I've added a suffolk puff from day 3, scraps of lace and a sheer fabric. I've added a piece of blue floral lace to the selvedge edge with a run of french knots.

Days 10 - 13 - a little sewing pouch with matching pincushion. 

The finished sewing pouch measures about 4.5cm x 6cm. It's made from a piece of cotton lined with a piece of linen. It has a pocket made from an edge from a wide piece of lace at the bottom and two flaps, one for holding needles made from linen and the other one is made from a scrap of a floral cotton that I've attached some buttons to. 

I've decorated the outside of the pouch with scraps of Liberty fabrics, lace, another of day 3's suffolk puffs, silk and linen scraps, a scrap of chiffon trim and a pearl bead. The pouch is fastened using a piece of lace wrapped around a mother of pearl button. I've edged the whole piece in blanket stitch using an antique silk thread.

The pincushion is made from scraps of cotton fabric that match the pouch and decorated with Liberty fabric, linen and silk scraps, antique lace and a couple of buttons.

Days 14 - 15 -  a wraparound bracelet.

This one is another multi-day effort. I've used a strip from a damaged napkin that has kept the edging of the napkin on both ends. So far I have roughly stitched small scraps of fabric, lace and broderie anglais along the length of the strip and lined the back with the double edge from another damaged napkin.

I'll share the finished product next week.



Monday, 15 February 2021

#52tagshannemade week 6 - buttons

I'm a trifle behind with my blog posts as this is last week's tag. The theme was buttons and Anne  meant  for this one to be a simple tag to make. 
I used a piece of vintage quilt that I added a strip of red cotton lace to one side and edged it in blanket stitch in mustard-coloured vintage thread. I added 5 buttons, 2 linen buttons and 3 mother of pearl. Rather than just fasten them on, I made bit of a feature out of it.

The next one involves hexies

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

#100dayproject2021 day 2 - day 8

 I'm a bit behind on my post as my bug really reduced what I was capable of. The only thing I've managed for about a week was these little projects for the 100 day project. Everything else ground to a halt. Yesterday, I managed to get to my workroom for the first time in a week, though that last flight of stairs was a killer. That's the problem with having chronic fatigue, it makes what would have probably been a minor inconvenience a 100 times worse. My bug symptoms have nearly all gone, I'm now left with the fatigue. This is when I need to be careful. I'm raring to go in my head, but my body thinks otherwise. So I need to do a bit, but not too much, which can be a balancing act!

Anyway, let's get back to the stitchy stuff.

Day 2 - a little red and white brooch. Three fabric scraps, one with selvedge, three Suffolk puffs with buttons and some flower lace.

 Day 3 - tiny Suffolk puffs. The smallest is just over half a centimetre the biggest about 2cm in diametre.

Day 4 - a little piece, a bit of linen and floral fabric, with wee scraps of linen and lace and a bit of bling from a broken piece of jewellery. This one measures 3cm x 2cm approx.

Day 5 - a blue and white patchwork button. I'd created the base of this button for last year's 100 day project but didn't need it. I stitched wee scraps of blue and white fabric onto the button until it was all covered. I added a couple of scraps of lace and some seed beads as decoration.

Day 6 - a little linen heart. I'd already cut this heart out of a piece of linen traycloth before it found its way into the scrapbox. I've decorated it with one of the suffolk puffs I made on day 3, a scrap of broderie anglais, a piece of antique silk, a bit of crocheted doily and a few french knots.

Day 7 - I'd already had the paperclip prepped with the piece of book page for making this paperclip charm so all I had to do to decorate it. I wrapped it with red then cream cotton scraps and added a lace flower. I also put a couple of beads and a vintage button.

Day 8 - a little amulet made from a scrap of ticking, an edge, another suffolk puff from day 3 and scraps of lace and a mother of pearl button. I used a piece of lace to make the hanging loop for the safety pin to go through (it needs a larger pin). I've also used a charm and a couple of pieces from broken jewellery to create a dangly from the bottom.

I'll be back with days 9 - 15 next week.


Thursday, 4 February 2021

#52tagshannemade wk4 - crosses or kisses

I finished this on Tuesday but I've managed to catch a bug (not the bug) so I only took photos today. 
The theme was crosses or kisses. I've used two pieces of broderie anglais lace, a little ruffle, three Suffolk puff 'kisses' and two pieces of salvaged edging in a cross stitched with chain-stitches. I handed a few cross-stitches at the top along with a piece of braid.
The fabric is stitched onto a @carabrandon tag.