Sunday, 28 March 2021

#52tagshannemade week 12

The theme for this week was blanket stitch. I used a piece of wool to stitch on and added 3 Suffolk puffs.  I  used the puffs as starting points for curly trails of blanket stitch in variegated silk perle thread. I also blanket stitched around the edge of the fabric in another perle thread.


Thursday, 25 March 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 45 - 51

A textile vessel created over seven days.
I used a fairly stiff hessian to create the actual vessel as it is able to stand up by itself. I started with a rectangular piece that I decorated with several 'islands' of fabric and lace. The focal point 'island' has a piece of cotton that I stamped a flower onto and I added 3 Suffolk puffs, lace, beads and a button. The remaining areas were created in a similar manner.

Fortunately,  I had the selvege on one edge of the hessian where it joined to i just needed to stitch this edge over the decoration a added the hem from a tea-dyed hanky. I then stitched  circle of hessian to the bottom.

The vessel stands up by itself, but if you want to use it to put something in you just need to pop a jam jar into it. 

Well, that's me all caught up with my 100 day project posts (please excuse my grammar!). The next will be about this week's stitched tag.


Wednesday, 24 March 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 42 - 44

Day 42

Two small, 2cm in diameter,  buttons. Striped fabric scraps for the bases, then decorated with smaller scraps, stitch,  a teeny tiny button, and a couple of beads.

Days 43 and 44
A pair of earrings.  I used a base of a heavier weight cotton that I stitched a patchwork of green fabric scraps. I mirrored the layout of the scraps so I ended up with a pair of matching left and right earrings.  I decorated each one with beads across the bottom and three strands of seed beads at the top. I blanket stitched a piece of tea-stained fabric to the back before adding earring loops.

I'll have another catch-up post tomorrow. 


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 37 - 41

Day 37

Mini (about 2cm in length) fabric beads.  I created these from the long beads, like the one in the photo, from a broken necklace. I wrapped the bead in a scraps of fabric and thread and added beads for decoration. 

Day 38
These are fabric and paper clusters that can be used to decorate journals, tags, birthday cards etc. I stitched layers of scraps of fabric and lace and added buttons or beads. I then backed the piece with paper and also added labels, butterflies or flowers as further decoration. 

Day 39
A couple of paperclip charms. The paperclip is wrapped with some bookpage which gives a base for the decoration to be stitched through. I used a mixture of fabric and lace scraps,  along with some beads to decorate. I also added beads, lace, mini bells to dangle off the bottom of the clip and a bulb safety pin to the top to attach the charm.

Day 40
Another paperclip,  but this time you can still use it for its intended use . I stitched layers of lace and fabric together, wrapping them over the side of the paperclip. I then decorated the top layer with a scrap of ribbon, a button, a Suffolk puff from day 3 and french knots.

Day 41
This button has a base of tea-dyed fabric, and i used a floral fabric, two scraps of lace and some beads to decorate.

As I'm a bit behind on posting about the 100 day project (today is actually day 53), I'll back again with more tomorrow. 


Saturday, 20 March 2021

#52tagshannemade week 11

The theme for this week was circles. I stitched a patchwork of fabrics onto the backing piece.  For the circles I wrapped two washers with blanket-stitch and I also used some circle pieces from broken jewellery. 

Friday, 12 March 2021

#52tagshannemade week 10 - suffolk puffs and lace

I really enjoyed this one, Suffolk puffs are one of my favourite embellishments for stitching.  I used a piece of linen for the backing then added scraps from a vintage tablemat, a purple cotton and a purple and cream check. I added one piece of antique lace on top of the check and another piece on the piece of tablemat, where I also added rows of running stitch. On top of the running stitch I added 3 Suffolk puffs made from mid-19th century purple silk. I also put a piece of purple lace to balance the piece. To decorate, I stitched on some pearl beads and six purple beads.


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

#100dayproject2021 - days 28 to 36 - A textile scroll


A snippet scroll is a piece of textile art that is a compilation of bits and pieces of vintage embellishments attached to a narrow piece of fabric. Once finished, they can then be wrapped around a spool or dowel or hung up. 

Mine has been completely handstitched onto a strip of cotton fabric. I've used a mixture of fabric and lace scraps, beads, buttons and one of my fabric beads to decorate the strip. As it involved a lot of stitching, it did take me a few days to make as I was also doing a couple of other non-100 day project-related projects.

To create the point at the front if the scroll, I used the corner of a vintage napkin and I used a straight piece of the napkin's edge at the other end. I still need to add a backing to my scroll and find something for it to be wrapped around.


I'll be back with this week's tag in my next post.



Thursday, 4 March 2021

#52tagshannemade week 9

The theme for this week was 'bits and pieces'. Anne also suggested using something that had been gifted to you.
I used a base of vintage linen that, along with the two fabrics and the tweeds wool edge on the right half of the tag were given to me for Ann Wood's scrap swaps. The green silk on the left is mid-nineteeth century. The lace at the bottom of the tag is a scrap from a piece of lace I'm hoarding that was in a collection of antique silk and lace that I was given as a birthday present from my Mum and Dad years ago. The mother of pearl button is one of my favourites.