Sunday, 15 February 2015

Swathed in stitch 3

During my lunch times in the past week I have finished design sheet 2 and started on number 3.

Design sheet 2.

I've also started a sample connected to this sheet too (when at home of course, no needles in the court house!).

Design sheet 3 combines the letters from design sheet 1, with the dashed, curvy lines of number 2.

I already have the next one planned, which will combine hexagons with the wavy lines.

I've also done some work on my first sample, with the addition of more hexagons and another letter, C. There's still plenty more to do on this one.

 More next week.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Swathed in Stitch 2

I've been feeling really tired this week so there hasn't been that much happening on the making front. I've done a little doodling at lunchtimes (paper and pens being one of the few things I can take into the court building).

I've started a sample for the second doodle, I hope to show you that next week.

I've done a bit more work on my letter and hexagon sample and found a box to put my waste canvas in.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Swathed in Stitch

On the same day that my jury service started, Karen Ruane's latest online course Swathed in Stitch started. So, unfortunately, thanks to the jury service taking up so much of my time and energy, I've only been able to start work on one design sheet and one sample in response to what Karen's showing us.

The themes we're using this time are hexagons and cross-stitch letters.

My design sheet - different coloured hexagons, stylised cross-stitch letters (outlined in coloured dashes) and cross-hatches in thread.

 I still have more to do on this sheet, there's more cross-hatching to add and there's some thread work to add to the hexagons too.

My sample - the background fabric is cotton and used to be a chair back, the hexagon flower is made from  striped silk. The cross-stitch letters are being added to the cloth using waste canvas and I'm using embroidery threads that are similar to those used in the striped silk. 

There's still a lot of work to do on this sample yet. More hexagons and letters. There's also going to be a lace overlay over part of this sample too. I've started making that from scrim which is machine embroidered, then further embellished with hand embroidery.

It'll be a while before this sample is finished, though it shouldn't take too long to finish the design sheet.