Friday, 15 July 2016

Where bloggers create 2016

It's time for this year's 'Where bloggers create' blog hop, enabling you to visit lots of blogs and see where people do their creating. All you need to do is follow the link at the end of this post.

Things have changed a bit since last year's post as I've had a new desk put in, along with some new shelving. Unfortunately, this work was only done last week, so I've spent the past few days trying to get organised and tidy. Anyway, it's tidy enough to photograph now, though some things might not be in their final resting place.

However, these first three photos are actually of shelves in our living room, as this is where I do the majority of my embroidering and hand sewing and I don't want to go up two flights of stairs when I need a different embroidery thread etc.

The boxes above hold all of my embroidery and vintage threads

These boxes and containers contain embellishments such as beads and charms, silk ribbon, buttons, lace, appliques, hooks and eyes and press studs. 

This tray holds my hoops, pins, sewing thread and other bits of haberdashery.

My workroom
My new desk is on the right, with the new shelves to the right of the bookcases and above them to the apex of the wall. I'll be using this desk for paper crafting instead of the one I was using before, where the computer is now. The work surface is large enough for me to craft with someone else and should also mean I don't end up working in a 6 inch square space as there's lots of space to put stuff when I'm working.

 This set of draws holds my washi tape, paints, glue and tape and ink pads.

These shelves are where I keep my fabric stash, vintage linens and crocheted mats. I've put my patterned fabrics into boxes to help keep them tidy as just having it in piles meant it kept getting untidy.

The lower set of shelves has boxes with my lace, ribbon, felt, fabric samples, etc.

The set of shelves in front of the window hold beads, buttons, sequins and other odds and ends.

My cutting table also has more room on it now as I was able to use the trolley to hold some of the things that were on the table.

My two sewing machines are still in the same place.

My armchair is now in the window, the perfect place to some hand sewing or some reading. 

These bookcases used to be where the new desk is. I'm using the top to store my watercolour, acrylic and handmade paper.

The computer and the printer are now on this desk, again, with more room to work.

I hope you've enjoyed your look around where I do my creating. Use the link below to have a look at other bloggers' workspaces or to take part yourself. 

Where bloggers create 2016

I will be back on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Louise from one embroideress to another!=)

    Lovely to visit your home and workspace. Thanks for making my stash look so minimal!!! +) LOL

    Hope you have a great time at the party.


  2. Your Shelving units to keep everything orderly and accessible is a great Idea. Part of my New Creative Space has a walk-in Closet that I Hope to Transform into Organizational Heaven so I'm soaking in all the completed spaces everyone is Sharing. Thank You for the Tour of your Creative Sanctuary. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Great use of the arched ceiling! I can tell you have a lot of fun in here! Really inspiring space. <3

  4. The perfect nook for creativity. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  5. Love your space and organization! Wish I had a reading, hand sewing, chair in my studio! Thanks so much for sharing your space with us. Love you space! And I'll be back soon!
    Sweet blessings, Chris

  6. Hi Louise. Your workspace is inspiring and beautifully organized. Love seeing that chair by the window. Yes, I could easily see you relaxing and reading or doing needle work in that chair. Great post and lovely photos. Thanks so much for inviting us into your creating space.

  7. Good morning, Louise! Your space is simply delightful and I love the way you have everything organized. It seems like one can never have too much organization {{smiles}}

    Thank you for such a wonderful tour. Have a splendid weekend. Hugs!

  8. Thanks for showing where you create at those lovely pieces! Love your upstairs nook! Hugs!

  9. Your studio is amazing, I could get lost in all of your wonderful fabrics!

  10. I am always so fascinated to see all of the different creative avenues that people take, and also fun to see how they store their treasures. Thanks for sharing your space, Louise!

    Happy Weekend!

  11. Hi Louise, what a grand space and so beautifully organized.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. How fun to have new pieces to work with. Looks like you have it very well organized. I enjoyed seeing your creative space.

  13. A true creative space with open shelving so everything is at your fingertips. Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Cindy

  14. I don't blame you for not wanting to climb the stairs every time you need something. I used to do the same thing although not as neat...I would cram everything in a basket. Love your organized workroom. And I bet you really enjoy more workspace that your desk gives you. Thanks for sharing. I will be visiting often...

  15. You have a wonderful creative room. The chair by the window looks perfect for some hand sewing.

  16. Hi Louise! Thank you so much for joining the party this year! Your studio looks like such a happy place filled with wonderful supplies to create with! I LOVED MY VISIT!!!!!

  17. Hi Louise!

    Thank you for opening your door and letting us see your wonderful space. I love your armchair. It looks so cozy and inviting!

    With gratitude,

  18. Your arm chair by the window looks inviting!

  19. Wow you have a great space. You are Blessed. Thanks for inviting us in. I'm following you now. I hope you can come over and see me. I'll be back to see what your creating.

  20. Louise,

    What a lovely room! I am so glad to were able to get another desk and new shelving, I know from experience that we crafters always need more room 😉 I am a papercrafter, but I admire folks like yourself who can do many different things, like sewing and embroidery as well. That lovely old Singer machine stole my heart. Thanks for taking the time to show us around your space. I truly enjoyed it,

  21. Hi Louise, You really are up at the top of the house. I agree about not going up two flights of stairs when you don't have to, but what a treat when you do. What a lovely place to work, and an amazing stash. I adore the lace bunting and string lights. Thanks so much for the tour...

  22. Looks like a lot of fun to be had in your room!

    Cathy ♥

  23. What an amazing creative space! I also love that armchair, especially since I'm on the hunt for one that will be comfortable and will fit through the narrow door!

  24. Hi Louise,
    You are very well-organised and have a lovely stash to choose from. I like your little drawers near your machine. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  25. What a great idea keeping your embroidery items close by so that you don't have to go up the stairs. I will have to figure out how to make that work for me. Your space has the slanted ceilings like mine. You have used all of your shelves and storage items so nicely to keep things organized. Thanks for taking the time to share your creative space. I love the armchair by the window!

  26. Wow!! You are so organized!! And you have such a large space in which to work in!! So Lovely!! Thanks for sharing!