Thursday, 28 August 2014

Strawberry swap - my parcel

Yesterday I told you about what I made and sent to my strawberry swap partner, today, I'm showing you what I received (it was from a different person than the person I sent my parcel to).

The lady who sent me these lovely strawberry related delights is Michelle Baird, you can read on her blog how she made the patchwork strawberries.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Strawberry swap

Another swap I've been involved in recently is the strawberry swap. I did a swap in 2012 with the theme of strawberries, so I had somethings to start off this one with. I.e. strawberry fabric and a pattern for making fabric strawberries.

I used the strawberry fabric to make and needle case and pincushion.

I filled the needle case with needles, pins, buttons I'd put on a card (which had an advert for strawberries on it), vintage lace, some ribbon, a small pair of scissors and some thread.

This was also a secret swap, but we did fill in a questionnaire of what we'd like, my partner said she'd like something useful, which was why I made the needle case and pincushion. One of the other things she mentioned was she'd like something to do with my local area, so I made her this cushion with a vintage New Brighton poster and I've filled it with rose petals. 

 To finish off the parcel I printed some more strawberry adverts and some lavender filled strawberries.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great British Bake Off swap - my parcel

I wrote last week about the parcel I sent to my bake off swap partner, here's what I had in my parcel.

The whole lot.

This gorgeous card will be put up in my workroom.

Muffin cases - I'm keeping a few for scrapbooking/journaling,they make great circles when they're flattened out.


The baking stuff will be given to Ray, as he's the baker in the partnership. There are some lovely recipes in the Jane Asher book.

This is mine, I love gorgeous tins and this one has a couple of useful things inside, which is an added bonus.

Last but not least, a tea towel that I've been using as a background for these photos.

The sender of my parcel was Hannah of the Cupcake Mumma blog

Thanks Hannah, I love everything.

From a lucky girl.


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Last week on my phone


Barley risotto, with beef mince (should really be pork) and spinach.
Pinned lace and fabric from my Mum's wedding dress, for secret project.
Sanderson fabric remnants bought from John Lewis for just £5!
Charity shop finds, a leather filofax, beaded journal, irish lace, a book and a candle dish (originally the lace was sandwiched between two pieces of glass of the candle dish).
Jack helping me with my art journal.
A selection of prairie points ready to be used.

Hope you had a good week.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Great British bake off swap.

The latest season of Great British bake off has just started, which is why it's a theme for a swap.

I decided to make an apron for my swapper (it's another secret swap so I won't receive a parcel from the same person I send one to).

Al ready to get started on the sewing bit - I used the pattern out of this book, but changed the waist ties to one long piece of fabric (the one in this book had ribbon attached to each side of the waistband of the apron).


The finished apron.

As part of my parcel, I bought some cookie cutters and made a bag to keep them in.

Everything wrapped and ready to be posted. As well as the apron and cutters, I sent sprinkles (the parcel bottom left), lavender filled strawberries and a couple of vintage baking related adverts printed onto card.

I hope my swapper likes everything.