Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Great British bake off swap.

The latest season of Great British bake off has just started, which is why it's a theme for a swap.

I decided to make an apron for my swapper (it's another secret swap so I won't receive a parcel from the same person I send one to).

Al ready to get started on the sewing bit - I used the pattern out of this book, but changed the waist ties to one long piece of fabric (the one in this book had ribbon attached to each side of the waistband of the apron).


The finished apron.

As part of my parcel, I bought some cookie cutters and made a bag to keep them in.

Everything wrapped and ready to be posted. As well as the apron and cutters, I sent sprinkles (the parcel bottom left), lavender filled strawberries and a couple of vintage baking related adverts printed onto card.

I hope my swapper likes everything.


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