Thursday, 14 August 2014

Snippet cloth

Snippet cloth is another wonderful way of making your own piece of fabric. You end up (like with the lace cloth I've made before) with a piece of fabric that is unique, you couldn't replicate it yourself, and no-one else could have.

Basically you start with a piece of fabric, for the first piece I've used a piece of cotton cut from a vintage tablecloth, and snippets of fabric and use free motion embroidery (fme) to attach the snippets to the cloth.

My snippet jar, any little bits of fabric end up in here not in the bin.

I also made some snippet lace cloth. I used some polyester fabric taken from a lady's slip as the background fabric and then added snippets of lace, again using fme.

You can used snippet cloth as a whole, or cut it up into smaller pieces, and you can also add further decoration to the cloth using hand embroidery. You could also join pieces of snippet cloth together to make your own larger cloth for a bedspread etc.


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