Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Strawberry swap

Another swap I've been involved in recently is the strawberry swap. I did a swap in 2012 with the theme of strawberries, so I had somethings to start off this one with. I.e. strawberry fabric and a pattern for making fabric strawberries.

I used the strawberry fabric to make and needle case and pincushion.

I filled the needle case with needles, pins, buttons I'd put on a card (which had an advert for strawberries on it), vintage lace, some ribbon, a small pair of scissors and some thread.

This was also a secret swap, but we did fill in a questionnaire of what we'd like, my partner said she'd like something useful, which was why I made the needle case and pincushion. One of the other things she mentioned was she'd like something to do with my local area, so I made her this cushion with a vintage New Brighton poster and I've filled it with rose petals. 

 To finish off the parcel I printed some more strawberry adverts and some lavender filled strawberries.


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