Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great British Bake Off swap - my parcel

I wrote last week about the parcel I sent to my bake off swap partner, here's what I had in my parcel.

The whole lot.

This gorgeous card will be put up in my workroom.

Muffin cases - I'm keeping a few for scrapbooking/journaling,they make great circles when they're flattened out.


The baking stuff will be given to Ray, as he's the baker in the partnership. There are some lovely recipes in the Jane Asher book.

This is mine, I love gorgeous tins and this one has a couple of useful things inside, which is an added bonus.

Last but not least, a tea towel that I've been using as a background for these photos.

The sender of my parcel was Hannah of the Cupcake Mumma blog

Thanks Hannah, I love everything.

From a lucky girl.


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