Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tea and teacakes at the Floral

I'm an old-fashioned girl at heart. I much prefer morning coffee or afternoon tea to partying into the small hours. That's not to say that people in the past didn't party, there'd be plenty of flappers or cocktail party goers in the 20s and 30s to testify that they did. Even the so-called straight-laced Victorians liked a party or two.

When I call myself old-fashioned, I mean in a more gentle, and very possibly through rose-tinted spectacles, way of afternoon tea at the Ritz or on a lawn of an Edwardian country house.
One of the Irish ferries going out
Neither being in London, to enable to me to sup at the Ritz nor knowing anyone with an Edwardian country house who could entertain me on a summer's afternoon, I have to look closer to home.
Bootle docks - the view from the Floral's Panoramic Lounge
One of those places, for me anyway, that leans towards my idyll is the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton. Now yes, it is a modern building with an outlook that includes the docks at Bootle, but it does have a sense of old-fashioned charm.

For a start, it's quiet and has the feel of a seaside hotel lounge or a Palm court (there are a couple of palms about the Floral). The kind you might see Miss Marple in. It's a lovely, relaxing place where you can partake of tea and teacakes sitting on a leather settee. Or if you prefer a cappuccino and fairy cake at one of the windows overlooking the River Mersey.
Nearly eaten teacake and Earl Grey tea
It's even a nice place to go on your own, buy your tea and teacake and then metaphorically put your feet (actually putting you feet up on the settee would probably be frowned upon), take out your book and have a good read.
The view of the Fort from the Floral
As well as the teacake eating and tea drinking the Floral does have a theatre, a conference centre and even a Bistro.

If you're ever in New Brighton, pop in.