Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New lacy piece

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on this new piece of lace, which will eventually form part of a much bigger piece.

These first three photos are of the piece after it has been embroidered on the sewing machine. I started with some thin voile that has had pieces of lace attached with machine embroidery, along with hole created by cutting slits in the fabric. I have also added some bars of thread across some of the holes.

These two photos show the piece after I've started to hand embroider. The picture above shows a hole edged with buttonhole lace and wrapped threads and vintage lace attached to the back of hole.

These last pictures show the latest hand embroidery. I've added a puff edged in circles of chain stitch. Some of the holes have double buttonhole lace others have single and have also been edged with chain stitch. 

There's a bit more embroidery to be done on this and then I'll start another piece. These will then be joined together, along with others, to create a lacy cloth.


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