Saturday, 9 July 2016

Current WIPS*

These are the things I'm actually working on at the moment (I have more WIPS that I'm not  working on!).

This first item is going to be a pouch that I'm making from vintage linen. I've kept one lace edge of the original piece of cloth and I'm using an edge from another piece of linen too. Along with the embroidery, I'll be adding Suffolk puffs, vintage lace and mother of pearl buttons.

This second piece will be a lavender pillow with a patchwork top. After I've finished embroidering the words  I'll embellish each of the seams before deciding what else to add to the pillow top.

I'm determined to finish both of these pieces before starting anything else, even though I  have so many ideas in my head!

I'll be back on Monday.


*work in progress

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