Thursday, 25 March 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 45 - 51

A textile vessel created over seven days.
I used a fairly stiff hessian to create the actual vessel as it is able to stand up by itself. I started with a rectangular piece that I decorated with several 'islands' of fabric and lace. The focal point 'island' has a piece of cotton that I stamped a flower onto and I added 3 Suffolk puffs, lace, beads and a button. The remaining areas were created in a similar manner.

Fortunately,  I had the selvege on one edge of the hessian where it joined to i just needed to stitch this edge over the decoration a added the hem from a tea-dyed hanky. I then stitched  circle of hessian to the bottom.

The vessel stands up by itself, but if you want to use it to put something in you just need to pop a jam jar into it. 

Well, that's me all caught up with my 100 day project posts (please excuse my grammar!). The next will be about this week's stitched tag.


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