Tuesday, 23 March 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 37 - 41

Day 37

Mini (about 2cm in length) fabric beads.  I created these from the long beads, like the one in the photo, from a broken necklace. I wrapped the bead in a scraps of fabric and thread and added beads for decoration. 

Day 38
These are fabric and paper clusters that can be used to decorate journals, tags, birthday cards etc. I stitched layers of scraps of fabric and lace and added buttons or beads. I then backed the piece with paper and also added labels, butterflies or flowers as further decoration. 

Day 39
A couple of paperclip charms. The paperclip is wrapped with some bookpage which gives a base for the decoration to be stitched through. I used a mixture of fabric and lace scraps,  along with some beads to decorate. I also added beads, lace, mini bells to dangle off the bottom of the clip and a bulb safety pin to the top to attach the charm.

Day 40
Another paperclip,  but this time you can still use it for its intended use . I stitched layers of lace and fabric together, wrapping them over the side of the paperclip. I then decorated the top layer with a scrap of ribbon, a button, a Suffolk puff from day 3 and french knots.

Day 41
This button has a base of tea-dyed fabric, and i used a floral fabric, two scraps of lace and some beads to decorate.

As I'm a bit behind on posting about the 100 day project (today is actually day 53), I'll back again with more tomorrow. 


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