Tuesday, 23 February 2021

#100dayproject2021 days 16 - 22

This wraparound bracelet  was actually started on day 14 and I finished it on day 21. 

I began with a long strip cut from a cotton napkin that had the edge detail at either end. I used these end pieces to attache the press-studs to for fasting the bracelet. 

I started the decoration of the bracelet by added small pieces of fabric and lace along the strip and backed it with another napkin edge (you can see an image of it at the end of this process in my last post). 

I then worked my way along the strip added beads more lace and fabric scraps and lots of french knots until the entire piece was covered.

For day 22 I created another button.

I covered an old button with white cotton and wadding for the base of the button. I used another piece of cotton to create the top that I decorated with small pieces of fabric cut from tiny fabric scraps. Each piece is held down with a bead, but some of them are also on bead 'pillars' of varying heights, lifting some pieces of fabric above others. 

My next post will be about weeks 7 and 8 of the #52tagshannemade challenge.



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