Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thoughts of sunnier days

It's Burns Night today, which brings the joys of haggis (I like it) and whiskey, but today's whether can best be described with the Scottish word, dreich. In other words it's dark, dull and wet! So to cheer myself up, weather-wise, I thought I'd have another look at the photos I took at Kew Gardens last April. It was the first time that I'd been and I took so many pictures I filled the memory card on the camera and had to resort to my camera phone!
A colourfully planted urn by the pond near the entrance to kew.
The big glasshouse at Kew.

Inside the glasshouse there's lots of green, leafy plants. There may not be many flowers, but I find that all the different types of leaves and greens are just as pretty.The ribs on this plant are sculptural.
A tree fern (I think, plant names are not one of my strong points).
Beautiful variegated leaves. I wouldn't mind working these into an embroidery patter, perhaps just using the shapes rather than recreating the leaves themselves.
You wouldn't think that something so harsh and prickly as a cactus could produce should delicate flowers.

A strange mix of blue and white flowers on the same flower spike.

Orchids. They're supposed to be really easy to keep (well the ones you can get for your own home) but I'm very good at dispelling that!
Even the leaves are frilly on this one.
I used this picture to create my Father's birthday card last year.
I like the way tulips go when they're fully open.

I love magnolia flowers, they're one of the first flowers you can see in spring. It's just a pity that they trees after they've gone are a bit boring.

Going through my Kew photos have really brightened my, if not the weather.


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