Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Making the Glasgow Style part 1

The exhibition,  Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Making the Glasgow Style, is currently on (until 26th August 2019) at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. It's a pay to see exhibition, but if your a member of the National Museums Liverpool, you can get in free and as many times as you like. There's three rooms worth of exhibits and it took two visits for my Father and I to see everything. I took loads of photos (thank heavens for digital!) and I'm going to share a few over a couple of  posts.

Some of Mackintosh's designs

Stencils for the murals at the Buchanan Street tea rooms

A portion of the design roses on a checkered background. The stylised rose, like this one, is probably the most well known of Mackintosh's motifs.
A stylised forms textile design on brown tracing paper. This shows how Macintosh could try out various colours and design details without marking the original design sheet.
Another textile design - Odalisque
Wave pattern textile design (please excuse the reflection)
A design for a standard lampshade
Detail of lampshade design.

I'll share some more photos soon. My next post will be on my 100 day project.


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