Saturday, 30 April 2011

Dressing the bed

I think I'd probably be right in saying that dressing your bed (with throws, cushions et al) is probably more of a female than male thing. I am in no doubt that there will be men who like a good looking bed, but it's more likely that it's the female of the species that wants her bed to look special. Some don't understand, "why all the cushions? They're put on, then they have to be taken off before you get into bed". You must pile them up neatly as well, no just chucking them anywhere! If you're like my husband, of the non-cushion kind (he'd be quite happy with just an ordinary making of the bed), you just have to live with it I'm afraid and, if you're making the bed, remember where the cushions go.
My sister and her husband's dressed bed (it doesn't often look like this, she did it specially for this post).
I always aim to make our bed everyday, there's nothing like getting into a made bed rather than an unmade one. Many of us use duvets rather than the more traditional sheets and blankets, but with the vogue for vintage has meant that people are starting to use these more, whether they be actually vintage or are new ones that are now available in the shops.
Our bed it in its summer colours (plus Ollie).
The look of our bed changes depending on the time of the year. For summer, the dark brown headboard wears its Laura Ashley's Kimono fabric cover (the flowers are a pale dusky lavender colour) and some of the cushions on the bed change their covers and different ones are added. I made all of the cushions and the bedhead cover.
Cushion detail on the left of the bed.
The oblong purple cushion at the back and the greige check cushion are Laura Ashley fabrics. The initial R cushion is beige embroidery on linen and the heart cushion is quilted lavender gingham.
Cushion detail in the middle of the bed.
The embroidered cushion at the back is a vintage linen Ebay find. The knitted purple one was featured as a project on my first post on this blog last year. The heart-shaped one is, again, lavender gingham and scented with lavender (I made this a few years ago and the lavender scent is still there).
Cushion detail on the right side of the bed.
The back three cushions on this side of the bed are the same as the other side, with the exception of the initial embroidered cushion being L rather than R. The heart-shaped one is made from lavender silk fabric with lace, with beading detail, appliqued on the top.
Pillow detail.
At the top of this photo you can see my purple-flowered, seersucker pillowcases that I picked up at a charity shop for 25p each. You read that right, 25p each!

I'm still looking for a purple throw/bed runner to go on the bed, whether it be a vintage find or one that I make myself, if I find the right fabric.
Another view of my sister's bed.
This is another view of my sister's huge (it's 7ft wide) bed with it's suede frame. She bought the two oblong and rippled cushions, but all the rest were presents from me. 
My Mum and Dad's bed.
Another bed with a few of my cushions on it (there's quite a large possibility of me giving you a cushion as a present if you know me! That's why I had to start selling them there's only so many cushions any one person needs.)

The gorgeous quilt, probably 1950s, came from Louise Loves and the pink cushion (in front of the large purple cushion) came from Wilkinsons. The rest are all mine.  
Another arrangement of the cushions.
We're ready for our close-up Mr. DeMille.
What do you do with your bed? Leave a message via the comment box below. Or post a comment and add a photo onto the Elsie May and Bertha wall on Facebook.


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