Monday, 30 January 2012

For the need of a pincushion

One of my better half's bug bears when I'm sewing, is my habit of sticking the pins and needles that I am using for a project into the back of the settee I'm sitting on. And leaving them in there! As I've been making pincushions for Elsie May and Bertha, he thought a good idea would be to make one for myself.

Using the back of the settee as a pincushion!
By the way, I do have pincushions already, one in the workroom upstairs that I made last year, and two downstairs. So why can't I use one of those I hear you ask? Well, the upstairs one needs to stay upstairs as it'll be downstairs when I want it upstairs and vice versa. As for the two downstairs, well they're full of pins and needles, so it's more difficult to spy the ones I'm using at any one time, hence me sticking them in the back of the settee. For the sake of marital harmony I've made myself one.

It's made from a couple of samples I had from Vanessa Arbuthnot  (see the picture above)and is filled with sheep's wool. I fill all of the Elsie May and Bertha with sheep's wool, when I can get it, as it is slightly oily, which helps to keep pins and needles free from rust and gives a really firm cushion.

A collection of Elsie May and Bertha pincushions.
Pop over to the 'Things for sewing' section of the Elsie May and Bertha website to see the pincushions that are currently available.


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  1. Lovely pincushions and fabrics. What a useful tip to use sheep's wool to fill them so the needles don't rust, I must remember that. Thank you so much for sharing ~ Haizi