Monday, 6 February 2012

It's a hard life being a cat.

We've had Jack and Ollie for about five years now (our last cat, Guinness, died at 17) and 'the Boys' are very much part of our lives. They don't quite rule it, but they come close.

Anyway, one of their occupations, which takes up a good deal of their time, is sleeping. Of their duties, including eating and going outside 'to check the perimeter', this one appears to be their most arduous, not!

There's a number of places where the sleeping can be carried out - various sofas, tables, trays, the bed and a number of places that take their fancy for a short while. These have included the top of wardrobes, in boxes, on piles of fabric, under the bath (Jack managed this one not long after we had him, he found a hole that he could access under the bath with!). Basically they'll have a go anywhere that's soft and warm!

Here are a few pictures of them 'hard at work'! The first picture is of Ollie, the next has both of them, then the next seven are Jack, with the last four being Ollie again.

Do you have a hard working cat?



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  1. Yes, I have one very hard at work cat, sleeps on our bed all night, under or on one of the conservatory chairs during the day and then other places that take her fancy.