Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tennis, finished fish (well almost) and pincushions.

My chronic fatigue was making itself felt this week so I haven't spent too much time in my work room this week.

 Instead I've been sat on the sofa watching ladies' tennis and doing the odd bit of embroidery. I have managed to finish the three blue fish I've been making for the lovely Jo at the Seagrass Gallery in Hoylake.  I say finished, they still need their hangers, but the embroidery etc is done, and that's the hard bit. 


 One highlight of the week, was the arrival of my new pincushion from the lovely Mrs Marmalade. This is my fourth pincushion from her. You can use them as pincushions, but they're more a work of art really. My Mum has had a new one too (this is her third).

This double decker pincushion is my Mum's. I found the pot on top in our local charity shop, my Mum really liked it so she asked Mrs Marmalade to use it on her new pincushion.


This is mine, a pixie sitting on a top hat.



I was feeling much better yesterday so I did manage a couple of hours in the workroom. I didn't miss out on the tennis though. It was the semi-finals, so there was only two matches which had finished by 12ish.

I made a couple of new pages in my scrapbook cum journal. I like doing these, I can create whatever takes my fancy and they're just for me. A lot of what I make goes to other people, whereas I can leaf though these and create more at my own pleasure.

I've also made my first christmas card of the year. This one has a vintage christmas card image. 

All of my cards are unique and there are rarely two the same. I'm taking orders for christmas cards now. I'll be adding some to my website soon, but you can also request bespoke cards directly from me (email, this goes for other types of cards too.

Hopefully, the coming week will be a bit more productive for me, though there is more tennis on from Tuesday!


P.S. You can now enter the October craft challenge over on the Great Crafty website. The theme is spooky this month and you can enter up to two items. Go on, have a go, you know you want to!

P.S.S. Don't forget to see what other crafty bloggers have been up to lately at Handmade Monday. I must apologise for my lack of blog hopping last week, I hope to do better this week.

P.S.S.S. I also participate in other blog hops too, you can follow these via the links on the right-handside.

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  1. Those have got to be some of the most beautiful fish ever!

  2. I love hand embroidery, well done on finishing them when you've been poorly. Loving your scrap booking, so pretty

  3. Your fish look beautiful, gorgeous embroidery. Those pincushions look lovely, far too pretty to use.
    Ali x

  4. Those fish look very fishy! Love the ricrac and beads. Hope you have a better week healthwise.

  5. Lots of lovely makes, especially the fish which are gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  6. The fish are soooo pretty, lovely things.

  7. I went to visit Seagrass after you last mentioned it - a lovely shop with a very nice atsmosphere!

  8. I love the close up photos of your fish. Very pretty.

  9. love your fish, the detail is amazing and such gorgeous colours too.

    those pin cushions really are works of art aren't they! Quite lovely.

    i hope you're feeling lots better this week x

  10. Loving the fish, especially the ric-rac (I think I'm addicted to the stuff at the moment). The details on all your fish are amazing. I love your traditional Christmas card too, which has reminded me to go finish mine!

  11. I love the fish. There is so much detail in them that you could look at them an awful lot and see something new. Beautiful work.

  12. The fishes are lovely, I love the stitching on the ric-rac, I love the colours too :)

    Jan x

  13. What gorgeous fish! I love all of the lovely details.