Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Swathed in Stitch 10 - design sheets 8 and 9

This is design sheet 8, I haven't used letters on this one, instead I've added a couple of new shapes, circles, flower stems, and long ovals, filled with spots. I like this design, and I want to use it to create further designs that I can draw onto fabric.

This is design sheet 9. I'm not so keen on this one, I don't think that the circles fit in with the elongated ovals. I won't be chucking it away though as it's a reminder that I don't think those to elements go together and  there are small sections of it that I could reuse in the future.

Karen Ruane's next class is a ledger class (it's called 'Reinventing the page') so I imagine that designs from both of these sheets may appear in the work I create from this class.


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