Monday, 23 March 2015

Swathed in Stitch 9 - making lace with net

In my 'making lace with cotton scrim' post I told you that the looseness of the scrim meant that I had to add a lot of machine embroidering to give a surface that could be worked upon, using net is completely different. Even though the net is very fine (it's the thickness of a net you'd use for a wedding veil, as opposed to a thicker net that you'd use for a net underskirt), the net itself, is already a workable surface I could get away with using one layer of circular motion machine embroidery, giving the surface a lighter, delicate feel.

I'm using cotton perle 12 to do the embroidery on this piece, a thinker thread would add too much bulk. I'm starting with adding buttonhole lace around the holes. I'll then be adding french and bullion knots, before adding some tiny beads. This piece of lace will be mounted on silk and probably converted into a pillow top. As I am using fine thread, it'll probably take some time before this piece is finished, especially with the other things I'm working on too! But I'm not on a deadline so there's no hurry to complete it.


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