Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hand-pieced mini swap.

This is the first mini quilt swap  I've done and fortunately,  for my sewing skills on the sewing machine,  it had to be done by hand! Again, as it was my first, I wanted to do a simple pattern, hence the triangles and squares. I used three different fabrics with a single layer of wadding between the front and back. I used running  around each of the squares for the quilting bit. The edges are bound with bias binding that comes with a little crochet edge.  To make up for the simple design I made puffs that I tied onto all of the corners of the squares in the centre. 

Fortunately,  my partner loved the quilt! 



  1. those puffs are the icing on the cake. love it.

  2. I can why your partner loved the little quilt so do I