Monday, 3 August 2015

Pen and stitch

Apologies for the creases in the above piece it's not been damp-stretched yet. This a fine cotton hanky that I've doodled some stylised honeysuckle flowers on. I've also added a little pocket, also made from fine cotton, that I've also doodled on. 

There's buttonhole lace, a bit of running stitch, a couple of french knots and a bullion loop on  the pocket. I've started to add running stitch on the background of the cloth. I'm using machine embroidery thread for this to keep the lightness and delicacy  of the fabric. It's going to take a little while though.

These last two photos are of a paper piece that'll go in my ledger -hand drawn honeysuckle in different colours. The centres of the flowers are pinpicks.  This'll be paired with a fabric piece, reflecting this drawn one.

There'll be more doodling on fabric and paper. 


1 comment:

  1. the stitching is lovely. and the pocket is the perfect touch.