Friday, 9 December 2016

A pair of fabric Christmas trees

The noel Christmas tree is made entirely of vintage linen, but I did use some of it in the patchwork tree too. It came from a an old chair back, the linen had a lace edge and I used it to create one of the sections of the patchwork and kept the lace edge showing.

The noel tree is decorated with pieces of vintage lace, vintage mother of pearl buttons, a wooden star button and a piece of practice with the word noel printed on it.

Along with the vintage linen, I also used a red and cream check and a stone and cream check too. I also used a wooden star button and a couple of mother of pearl buttons to add more decorations.

Both trees are stuffed with synthetic stuffing and have a cinnamon stick for a trunk.

These trees are both listed in my Etsy store, where you can still get a free gift with every order until Christmas day (the gift is either a lavender heart or a length of mini paper bunting).

I hope you are enjoying your week and I'll be back on Sunday.


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