Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas junk journal - part two

I've added the pages, three groups or signatures of a mixture of old christmas cards, christmas paper and junk mail to the cover. I stitched the signatures together on the sewing machine and then glued them into the cover. Just in case the glue doesn't hold them, I also tied the signatures to the spine with twine.

I have started adding things to the pages; tuck spots (a piece of paper attached so that you can tuck something into them), an envelope and a small paper bag. I've added a tag, notepaper and a  repurposed playing card to decorate/journal on in the future.

I intend to use this journal year after year until it's full, though it may not be used consecutively if I decide to make another one.

Next time I show you this journal, I will have created a collage or piece of art or just decorated a page.

I'll be back on Monday, less than a week away from Christmas!


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