Saturday, 11 March 2017

The white embroidered hanky pillow

Back in 2014, I was doing an online embroidery course that involved adding embroidery etc to vintage hankies and then joining the hankies together to make a cloth. Well, I did embellish a few hankies, but didn't do enough to create a cloth (I moved straight onto the next course) so the 'finished' hankies have been sitting in a box waiting to be used. I was having a look through my old pieces and came across the hankies and decided I could reuse them to make lavender pillows. 

I've started with the first two hankies that I'd finished in 2014 (you can see them on this old blog post) and the photos below show the first of the completed lavender pillows.

I've added some more embellishment to the hanky, as it was going to be used as a stand alone piece rather than just a part of a larger piece. So the ric rac, buttons, lace heart and satin flower are all new additions. Along with the detachable vintage 'Mother' brooch (I thought the pillow would make a lovely Mother's Day present).

I stitched the hanky onto white cotton and then backed it with more of the white cotton to create the pillow. It was then filled with stuffing and dried lavender flowers.

This pillow has gone to the Seagrass Gallery in West Kirby, but the second of the two pillows is nearly finished and I'll be adding that one to my Etsy shop.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I'll be back with week 10's #our52weekproject post on Monday.


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