Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Fancy hats and a gorgeous chair

My Father and I are slowly wending our way through the World Cultures gallery  in Liverpool. There's so many interesting things to look at and I'll be posting about a few of the things we see here, starting today.


This is an official's hat fro Bhutan and was made in the early 20th century.  High officials would wear these as they showed their rank and the part of the country they were responsible for. Unfortunately, you can't see the full vibrance of the colours in these photos as the lighting is kept deliberately low to help protect the artifacts, but the silk on this hat is beautiful. The rim of the hat has appliqu├ęd flowers and leaves.

This hat is also from Bhutan and was worn by the Maharaja of Bhutan, or one of his councillors, and was given to Sir Charles Bell in 1910 and it was he, who donated the hat to the museum. The embroidered silk is lovely.

This beautiful 19th century carved ivory chair was taken from he palace of King Thibaw of Burma during an attack by the British in 1885. Thibaw wasn't popular among his people and that was the excuse the British used to invade the country, enabling them to take control of the region's trade.

We're off to the Museum today to continue our travels through the World Gallery's objects.


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