Saturday, 14 July 2012

Where bloggers create

Karen Valentine is hosting a web event called 'Where bloggers create' over at her blog My Desert Cottage. I'd found out about it via one of my favourite blogs, Karla's Cottage as she had posted lovely pictures of her studio (which I am soooo jealous of) as her contribution to this year's event (this is the fourth year that it's been going).

I thought, I could do that, take some pictures of my work space and pop them up on the blog?

That was until I started looking at everyone else's studios, they were so tidy and chockablock full of lovely stuff (I didn't think that they could be as wowing as Karla's, but lots are. In consequence of this, I have started a major tidying up and doing up of my 'studio' (or top floor room as it's normally called).

Part of my problem is that because of my chronic fatigue, somedays I'm too tired to get up two flights of stairs. So a lot of my 'stuff' has migrated downstairs to a corner of the living room as these pictures testify.

Most of my lace, buttons, ribbon, vintage lace and embroidery are on this corner cupboard.

Some of my craft books.

This is my work tray, all the bits and pieces I need for what I'm currently working on are on here. The original idea was that I would just carry this up and down, getting what I needed for what ever I was doing if I wanted to work downstairs. Instead the tray and my stuff came down.

This morning I did start my room redo so here's what I've done already.

This is my table, it's actually a stag dining table with only one of its leaves up. As I didn't want to damage its surface, I placed an M&S picnic blanket (it was free a while ago) on it.  If I want to a bit of paper crafting the machine is popped under the table.

The wall behind the table has a collection of postcards and pictures attached to the wall for inspiration, a little bit of mini bunting given to me by Mrs Marmalade. In front, there's boxes with my sewing cotton in on the left and the metal cabinet with little drawers for the little things, like beads, paper flowers, card toppers etc etc. This area just needed a bit of a tidy.

The little drawer unit was already labelled but I've added a couple of vintage crochet mats to the top to doll it up a bit and reorganised my paper crafting stuff in these blue trays. 

I can't show you any more at the present as the rest of the room is such a tip! I'll add more photos once it's done.

To see photos of lots of lovelier studios/workspaces Karen has a special page on her blog here the list of the blogs participating are on the right.



  1. Good morning Louise--
    It must be so hard to remain motivated towards a creative spirit when you struggle every day with a chronic illness. Bless your heart. I admire your "keep on keepin on spirit!"

    I think it's wonderful tgat you've been able to move your creative toys closer to where you are--- that helps I'm sure. Your pin cushions are lovely!

    You have a beautiful collection of laces -- your work tray is amazing!!! My favorite photo.

    You are a remarkable person in that you are using your talents to create beautifully-- even though I'm sure on somedays it's a struggle.

    Thanks for your visit to my Sacred Yarn room and for your beautiful comments-- you made my day special.
    I'm happy to meet you--

  2. I am so glad that you take time for yourself and creating. It can be such a positive and healing element when dealing with chronic issues. Thank you for sharing your space and for visiting my studio today.

  3. good on you for persevering despite your chronic fatigue. I had it years ago after glandular fever. I now have FM...oh well life is what it is. I am fairly well these days and I have to create even though it hurts to do so most of the time. just one step at a time, as I'm sure you well know. Keep up the interest and loving to create. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think your space it wonderful! That wall across from your sewing's full of inspiration! Thank you for visiting my blog a few days back. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. Thanks for stopping by A Tale of Two Cities--it's always fun making new friends in the blogging world! I wish I had even a thimble full of your creativity!