Sunday, 11 May 2014

More embroidery on Japanese paper.

I did the machine sewing of this piece when I made the piece used in the page I showed you last time. I used red transfer sheets on this one though.

I added a lot more embellishment to this piece though. There's french knits, web stitches, buttons and beads.

This one will form part of a page in my anniversary journal.


P.S. I'm back on the blog hop trail, so to see lots more lovely stuff and lovely people via Handmade Holiday


  1. Very pretty and unique. I would love some of these embroideries as embellishments on a tweed jackt!

  2. It's gorgeous. I wish I could do machine embroidery. Whenever I've tried it looks a complete mess !!!

    Can't wait to see how your fabric turns out from your previous post. What you've done so far is beautiful xx

  3. This is so pretty and unusual - ideal for your anniversary journal. x

  4. It looks great, and its unique and personal to you which will make it more special.

  5. Really interesting post and pics