Sunday, 23 November 2014

Doodle, Gather, Create - part 3

In my last Doodle, gather, create post, I'd pinpricked the oblongs leading off the holes on the current top (there's going to be another sheet of paper on the top of this one) sheet of paper. This sheet is now finished. I used the red and blue, and the petal and circle shapes of the bottom sheet and also added a few french knots, bullion loops and straight stitches. The top sheet of paper shows how the design in the bottom sheet can be reinterpreted, which is the reason behind creating these design sheets in the first place. In the future this design sheet (when it's finished, plus the other two I'll be creating for this course) will help inspire new pieces, both on paper and fabric.

As I'm in the process of creating items for the fair I'm doing on Saturday (see my last post for details), it'll be a few days before I can do any more work on this design sheet and start the other two. Therefore, my next Doodle, gather, create post will be at the start of December (December! where has the year gone?).


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