Monday, 10 November 2014

Hanky cloth - hankies 3 and 4.

Hanky 3 is a new one that is printed with flowers, and I don't want to cover these up, if possible, so I'm adding lace in the spaces or using see-through lace. So far, the only embroidery is the pekinese stitch that I've used to attach the line of see-through lace.

Hanky 4 is a new hanky as well, but the cotton it's made from is quite fine. I've done more work on this one. There's a suffolk puff with pools of french knots; a corner of a vintage hanky attached with chain stitch; flower lace attached with backstitch and I've started a line of bullion loops along the edge of the pink lace.

There's still plenty more to do on these hankies.


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