Friday, 28 November 2014

White Christmas button book swap

I took part in the Button Floozie (a blog all about buttons) White Christmas button book swap. It was the first swap of theirs that I had done and the first one based around buttons. You had to give at least 30 buttons to your swap partner and these were to be presented in a book. You could make any kind of book you liked, out of paper or fabric, but as I hadn't made a fabric book before, and my partner didn't mind, I had a go at one of those.

Here's what I made.

The front and back cover had some batting on the inside to make it a little thicker, the other pages were two sides of fabric sewn together. Most of the decoration, which included lace, printed images and embroidery, was sewn onto each of the two sides of a page before they were joined together. Where the buttons have been sewn directly onto the book, I added each one separately, either by tying on or sewing on, so they could be used if my partner wanted to, without all of the buttons on a page falling out. I added extra buttons by putting them onto cards depicting old sewing machine adverts and on a couple of Christmas tags. I also included some cards of vintage button adverts.

I loved making this fabric book, I hope to have a go at another one soon.

My next post will be about the book I received.



  1. What a beautiful book! Hard to believe it's your first. Wasn't this a fun swap?

  2. Oh I don't think my first comment made it through

    I wanted to say it's soooo pretty
    and I still want to make one for myself