Saturday, 28 January 2017

A little 'twig' tree

Apologies for the dark photos again, it's another dull, grey day again today!

The house always look so empty after Christmas when the tree and decorations have been taken down and I had a couple of new year decorations that I'd made that I wanted to display so I decided to look out my painted twigs.

I've had them for a few years now, but all I did was to to find some twigs (Fallen ones from our local park. If it's been really windy you can usually find quite a few on the ground.) and then paint them with acrylic paints, white first then either a pastel blue or pink. I've wedged them upright in the jug be filling it with glass, so that they don't move around.

Apart from the two new year decorations, there's a glass heart and a glass egg, along with three birds. I seem to have accidently started a bird collection and these are the hanging ones. The white dove came from Chatsworth a few years agog, the finch from the Lady Lever Art Gallery and the pottery one came from the Seagrass Gallery. The heart is by Swirly Designs that I got in a swap last year, I think.

I've made a couple of valentines decorations so I'll be swapping those for the new year ones soon. I'm also planning on making some mini bunting for the twigs too. I'll share these with you soon.

I hope you're having a good weekend. I'll be back on Monday with the 4th installment of my 52 week project.


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