Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy mail from Liz Drake aka Sugar_735

I don't normally blog about my happy mail, but this little parcel from Liz was just too lovely to warrant just a couple of photos on Instagram.

I 'met' Liz last year thanks to just doing a search for junk journals on Youtube. I think it was her purple hair that caught my eye at first (I wish I had hair that I could dye like that, though I'd probably go for pink), but I was hooked once I saw a couple of her videos and thanks to her, I'm a junk journaler, plus she's my kind of person. Plus she has cats, two, like us!

Liz opened her Etsy store at the end of last year, which has proved really popular already! I'd love to have one of her junk journals, but the postal charges between here and the USA are huge, so those put the journals out of my price range. However, she started doing these little books that she calls Sugardoris (after the Midori notebooks etc) and the postage on these, as they're small, was reasonable.

The first five photos are of my sugardori. Liz made a cover by laminating some scrapbook paper. The little notebook inside is made from notepaper that has been stapled into a little booklet and it's held inside the cover by a piece of elastic. This means when the little notebook is full, I can make myself a new one and swap it for the full one. The insides of the cover, as they're laminated, have sticky-notes attached to them. I'm keeping this little book with my bullet journal and I also take it out with me so I now always have some sticky-notes on hand. I also purchased the create bookmark.

The rest of the goodies in the package were little gifts to me and include a letter in the card with the fish on it (we're penpals too); the cat and ticket are laminated too and I'll be using these as bookmarks too; journaling cards; and a piece of Liz's own art work (the last three photos).

If you're interested in junk journaling and mixed media art, I've added links to Liz's social media and shop below.

Liz's social media:

 Liz's Etsy store.

I'll be back again on Thrusday.


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