Monday, 30 January 2017

#our52weekproject - week 4


This week's circle is all about buttonhole stitch and different ways to use it. I've learned how to do closed buttonhole - there's three curvy lines, one cerise pink and two cream, and the cream circle at the end of two of those curvy lines (photos 3-5).

The rest of the sample is made up of various ways of using ordinary buttonhole - long and short stems, stems with french knots at the end, a closed circle with the stems 'disappearing' in the centre and a circle with the buttonhole used one way then the other.

As I've finished this first set of four, I'm now going to damp-stretch this piece of fabric and then they'll be mounted into the journal I'm going to keep them in. I'll show you that in my next #our52weekproject post.

I'll be back on Wednesday.


1 comment:

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