Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Shapes and patterns - a visit to the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

I visited the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool yesterday (we have two, one of each), mainly to go for lunch at their lovely restaurant (the scouse is fabulous) and as I got there a bit earlier than my dining partners, I had a wander around taking a few pictures. 

I've been to the Cathedral a few times over the years, so I didn't want to take pictures of the main 'features', so I started to look for shapes and patterns in the building instead and there are plenty of them, in the floors, ceilings, doors and the various bits of furniture around the Cathedral.

Photos 2 - 7 are of the architect's model for the Cathedral. It's a beautifully made piece of art in its own right.

Photos 8 - 16 are of a cope chest with a Bishop's cope (or cape) laid out in it. The chest is a half circle so that the cope can be kept flat. The cope that is in the chest was made by the embroiders of the cathedral.

The Cathedral, as is our Roman Catholic one, is a beautiful building and if you're ever in Liverpool, well worth a visit.

I'll be adding some of these photos to my inspirations journal, so some of these patterns may turn up in my work one day.

I'll be back on Friday. 



  1. Great pics! Thanks for the mini-tour.
    I rather liked the last 3 pics... Inspiration is already taking root! I'll let you know if it ends up any where.

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