Sunday, 23 June 2013

The library of two halves and a couple of jelly fish.

My husband and I have been having a bit of a holiday this week - we had bus passes for a week. Not that we went any further than Liverpool! 

On Tuesday we visited the newly refurbished Liverpool central library. I used to work there (I5 years ago! Where has the time gone?) so I was interested to see how it has changed. When you enter (through what used to be a stone wall) you can now see up to the top of the building.

This part of the building, the William Brown library, has been completely changed. Everything behind the facade has been removed and the new structure has been put in its place.

Whilst this part of the building looks amazing, the atrium is fantastic, there are hardly any books! There's lots of computers, tablets and sockets to plug your own computer into but it doesn't feel like a library to me.

The domed ceiling in the Picton Library.
Detail of the stone facade of the Picton Library.

Exterior of Picton, Oak Room (the smaller building on the left) and the Hornby Library (the one in the middle).

The Atrium.

The outside of the Picton Library.
The children's library is in the old Internaltional library, though the floor has been raised. Here, again, there are hardly any books on the shelves, which does look a bit daft in such a large room.

The Picton Reading room, the Hornby Library and the Oak Room remain fairly untouched. Though a lot of structural work has been carried out, especially on the roof of the dome.

As soon as you enter Picton you can smell the books and there's lots of them!

In the Oak Room they now have one of the volumes of the Audubon, a book about the birds of America on display. Plus there's a computer in there with all of the images in the books on it.

The Audubon volume on display.

Image from the Audubon on the display screen.

Peacock binding of a book displayed in the Hornby Library.

The Hornby has a selection of books, the King John charter and library memorabilia on display, as well as the book filled shelves. 

On Wednesday I had a pootle about the beach around the Fort in New Brighton and took a few photographs. It was tea and toast at the Floral Pavilion after that.
Seaweed swept by the sea receding.

The first jelly fish.

The second jelly fish. When they're out of the water they look just like blobs of jelly. Although you can see the jelly fish's tentacles in the first photo.They're so graceful when they're in the water.
Thursday involved another trip to Liverpool, this time to Abakhan's, a fabric, wool and craft shop. I used to go there quite regularly when I worked in Liverpool and before I had chronic fatigue. They have increased their stock hugely, the last time I went there was just fabric, wool and a few ribbons, bits of lace etc.

They still sell fabric by the weight, but I don't really like buying fabric that way, but they loads of fabrics on the roll, along with huge amounts of ribbon and lace! They now have a huge range of paper crafting, bead making and needlwork stuff. I could happily spend a happy couple of hours wandering around there.

With all of the gadding about this week I haven't been able to do too much in the way of making things. But Wimbledon starts tomorrow so I'll be spending a fair bit of time in front of a television screen so I'll have plenty of time for sewing.

Have a great week everyone.


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  1. The library looks fantastic. I know Liverpool fairly weel as my parents live there, but I've never visited the library. I'll put it on my list!

  2. oh wow that is some library! it looks like a lovely place to visit, libraries always have a great atmosphere although as you said that's a bit different these days with all the technology.

    fabric shopping is the best, i look forward to seeing what you make with your latest purchases! x

  3. I loved reading this post as you are talking about all my haunts!! The library looks so different from how I remember it ! I used to work there as well, but I was there 32 years ago so it's not surprising it's changed!! My mum and I have had afternoon tea in the floral pavilion a few times too after a stroll along the front. I love the Liverpool Abakhan as well although I mostly visit the Birkenhead one. I buy quite a lot of their 'buy by weight' fabrics as it's quite easy to pick up a bargain piece of designer fabric for a decent price!!

  4. It seems to have been the week for holidays!
    The new library looks a fantastic building but I do love the old fashioned ones with acres of books.

    Love the patterns of the seaweed

  5. I think Blogger ate my last comment (or maybe I pressed the wrong button...). I love your library pics - it looks amazing. I am glad I'm not the only person who takes pics of patterns on the beach made by the tide. I love them!

  6. I have to agree with you about books. I love my technology but I also love books. The building does look stunning - maybe the books are no longer the main focus? It sounds like your 'holiday' was great. It sometimes is nice to have a bit of time closer to home.

  7. I love the smell of books! I am so fond of filing at work because of the smell of the paper, I often leave the store room door open so that the smell wafts into my little office!!

  8. Seems like you had a great week! Liverpool isn't that far from where I live, I really must make the effort and get down there. The library looks amazing.
    Wendy x

  9. Wow I love the bird illustrations very beautiful sounds like you had a great time

  10. I love Liverpool Library but I haven't been since I moved from the area, the revamp looks amazing I really must revisit it next time I'm there staying with family. My daughter was on the beach a week or so ago and was stung by a jellyfish, she sent me photo's, they are type jellyfish as yours.

    Jan x

    1. I think my keyboard was having a hissy fit and refusing to play, I meant to say......

      ** they are the same type of jellyfish as yours.**

      Jan x

  11. I love books and libraries - its a shame books are sometimes marginalised by new technology, I can't resist a good book, currently have 3 on the go! I discovered Abakhan's website last year - its a dangerous place for my credit card!

  12. Oh, to have a library like that. It's stunning. Although I have two Kindles they cannot replace the look or feel of a real book xx

  13. Stunning building and amazing pictures. Popping over from Hand Made Monday, enjoy Wimbledon x

  14. Very interesting place, that Liverpool library. thanks for sharing. I'll pop in next time I'm visiting this city :)