Monday, 13 February 2017

Keeping track etc

Apologies for being late today, we went out for a meal in Liverpool yesterday (at Il Forno - a fabulous Italian restaurant) so I'm feeling quite tired today so it's taken me a while to get started this morning.

Anway, this post is about how I keep track of things, what I need to do etc and diarykeeping. At the moment I'm using notebook journals that I've bought from Wilko. I have tried using an ordinary diary (I used to use a Filofax when I was in work), but they just don't work for me anymore as they're quite rigid format.

I like to use these as they have a page for writing the diary, on the right and the left has a diamond gridded page that's easy to write bullet point lists on. The diary bit isn't dated, you choose the month and date, enabling me to use a pair of pages for more than one day if I want. 

Unfortunately, Wilko don't sell this one anymore, so I'm looking for a suitable replacement. Fortunately, I'm only starting the last one I have today and they last for about 3 months, so I've plenty of time to look out for a replacement. 

On the gridded side I have seven different bulletpointed lists - to do, everyday to do, work done, tv watched, Youtube watched, health and what I'm reading. Having chronic fatigue, I get brain fog, which means I could have problems with remembering to do things and what I have done. Plus as a lot of my days are very similar, keeping track of what I've watched on tv or Youtube differentiates one day from another.

I do decorate the pages in the journal with stickers and bits of ephemera, such as bus tickets etc. so it does get quite thick! In the photo above, the empty journal is on the left and the one I've just finished is on the right.

How do you keep track of your life?

I'll be back on Wednesday.


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  1. Sweet journals! I have always used sticky notes, random lists spread about my desk and computer reminders, but this year I bought a pretty planner at Michael's Crafts and I am trying to get into the swing of using it instead :-)
    All the Best,