Friday, 3 February 2017

A little time spent in the junk journal

I spent a little time with my junk journal yesterday. Sometimes, when I'm working at my desk in my workroom surrounded by everything in my stash, it can take me ages to complete a page as I have so much to choose from! Rather than do that I just pulled a few die-cuts, some paper scraps and stickers, along with my new Promarkers that I wanted to try out, into a little basket and took myself downstairs in front of the tv. Having a restricted amount of materials to work with, makes it a quicker process (you don't spend all that time searching for just the 'right' thing) you do have to work harder to get the various bits and pieces together onto a page.

The page in photos 2-4 came together quite easily as I was able to choose pieces with a similar colour palette, it was just a matter of the best way to arrange them. The piece in the bottom right corner came from a magazine and leant itself to a corner, so once I'd decided which one, the rest just expanded from there.

The page in photos 5 and 6 is one side of an envelope, with a top opening. I tried out my Promarkers on this one. I'd bought them from Cass Art, where they were on offer at less than half-price. They're very wet, so they bled through the thin paper on the envelope. I did try them on a higher grade paper when they didn't bleed at all, so I just need to remember not to use them on absorbant paper. The owls and flowers just matched the colours I'd used.

The page on photos  7-9, started with a scrap of paper that I'd used up the ink on stamps with that left feint images of the stamps. Once I'd decided on the Valentine theme, the page came together fairly quickly. I doodled flowers on this one with a purple Promarker, but they did bleed a bit so they're not as fine as if I'd used an ordinary felt-tip. A junk journal is a good place to try out new materials and techniques, it's not like anyone is going to mark your work so, you can try anything out without the worry of someone peering over your shoulder!

I'll be back on Sunday with a post on this week's #52weeksofstitchingthecircle episode.

Have a good weekend.


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