Saturday, 2 March 2019

Walker Art Gallery - an 18th Century gentleman's clothes


This is a gentleman's court suit and was made about 1775-1800. It consists of a coat, waistcoat and breeches and is made from silk velvet and silk satin. Such a formal, made to be worn at Court would have been made by male professionals. The embroidery is beautiful and must have taken some time to complete.

These are a pair of padded gentleman's stockings. In the 18th century, having shapely calves were the 'in thing', and if you didn't have your own you wore a pair of these! You put these on, with the strap at the bottom under your foot, and then wore a pair of silk stockings over the top.

 This waistcoat was made so that the gentleman could keep warm in his large and drafty house. There wasn't any central heating in the 18th century! This waistcoat is made from silk and wool, with the wool being sandwiched between the top layer of silk and the lining. The embroidery isn't as elaborate as on the court suit, but there's some lovely detail along the edges of the waistcoat and its pocket flaps and there are little flowers scattered across the body in between the wavy quilting.

These three items are in the Craft and Design Gallery at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. I'll be posting pictures of more of its exhibits soon.

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