Monday, 27 June 2016

A green-themed lavender pillow

My next door neighbour's daughter has had to have some serious surgery and my usual impulse when things like that happen to people I know is to make them a pillow of some variety, usually lavender. She lives a bit away, but needs to pop back here for hospital appointments, so I could give it to her rather than pop it in the post.

I've been rearranging my fabric stash and had come across the bottom right green and floral fabric and decided to use that as my starting point. I used the green plain fabric so that there wasn't too much a clash of patterns, plus it meant I coulod add a bit of embroidery, alongside the little suffolk puffs!

The three types of lace that I used for the seams were all new, but all of the buttons are vintage 1930s/40s.
The crochet flower and leaves weren't my doing, I can't crochet, so I bought these from Jane Davison who runs the Mimibelle shop on Folksy (check her store out, she has some beautiful items!).

I backed the pillow in good. old-fashioned green and white gingham and filled it with synthetic stuffing and dried lavender. The green button has been tied, and not sewn to the pillow, which adds a lovely little dimple.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Wednesday.


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  1. What beautiful stitchings!
    Such a lovely gift made with love x